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"Back To School" Poll

The topic of our upcoming podcast is education, and how students in foster care can confront challenges along the path. What was school like for you? Interact with us by responding to our short poll (it takes less than 5 minutes and is mobile-friendly).


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Toolkit for Young Adults & Educators

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“Despite facing significant challenges, youth currently or previously involved in the foster care system demonstrate extraordinary courage, determination, & resilience.” Youth Transition Toolkit

"The passage to adulthood is challenging for anyone, but for youth in foster care it can be especially lonesome, confusing, and uncertain... It is important to provide these youth, and the supportive adults who work with them, the resources and assistance needed to achieve stability and independence."

This free toolkit is from the U.S. Department of Education is valuable for youth and young adults in foster care, supportive adults, and educators. Learn more about navigating education, career decision making, relationship building and more after foster care.

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"Financial Aid for Adopted & Foster Care Students" Blog

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"Children who are adopted or in foster care may find it more difficult to pay for college... Several resources are available to support higher education for foster students, and understanding how to find them can help students to succeed."

Read the full blog post for more about navigating adoption and/or foster care along with FAFSA (Federal Application for Student Aid), scholarships, grants, tuition waivers, and additional resources courtesy of ELFI. (Shoutout to Samantha for reaching out!)

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