Revolution of Care Movement

Changing Foster Care From the Bottom Up

Revolution of Care Movement (ROCMove) is a collective changing how youth in the foster care system are illustrated, recognized, and cared for.

We are intergenerational leaders with firsthand foster care experience, distinct expertise and direct stakes in creating a healthier culture and experience for young people in care.

smiling group family dinner

ROCMove was birthed from a beloved Los Angeles based non-profit: Peace4Kids (P4K). Peace4Kids is a 20+ years and running volunteer driven village connecting generations of folks navigating foster care to a diverse and supportive community (family).

Over a lively family dinner, P4K youth shared a painful truth: the adults tasked with caring for us, see us as criminals. This shared sentiment became the seed of a multiyear research study which proves a direct connection between how media portrays youth in foster care, and how the public subsequently views and treats these same young people in reality.

💡 Explore "Changing the Narrative" Research Project 

Our goal is ambitious: to confront rampant bias and reframe public perception of people with experience in foster care.

Given the magnitude of the "foster care problem," our unique proximity within a major media landscape, and our longstanding commitment to addressing the injustices we face: Revolution of Care (ROCMove) was born. 

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