Revolution of Care Movement

Transforming foster care by changing the media landscape.

Collectively changing how youth in the foster care system are illustrated, recognized, and cared for.

We are intergenerational leaders with firsthand foster care experience, distinct expertise and direct stakes in creating a healthier culture and experience for young people in careRevolution of Care (ROCMove) was an idea birthed from Peace4Kids: a beloved Los Angeles institution serving generations of people navigating foster care and life beyond. 

Our goals are ambitious: to confront media bias and reframe public perception of people with experience in foster care. Given the magnitude of the "foster care problem," our proximity within a major media landscape, and commitment to addressing the injustices we face: ROCMove was born.


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The Pointless Forest Book

What is it like to be the one and only? Meet our protagonist, and make your own way through the Pointless Forest. 📚 Donate a book for a youth in our greater community when you purchase your copy. 


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"Changing The Narrative" Research

How does media shape how people perceive of youth in foster and adoptive care? Over a series of media analysis, surveys, focus groups, and more, we examine the interplay between media, the public, and foster care. Download our reports.💡 Explore "Changing the Narrative" Research


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Stream Our Podcast

Have you listened to the ROCMove X Peace4Kids podcast? Guests cover topics from nurturing healthy relationships, building family, navigating the struggle, and more with a unique lens and care at the core. 🎧 Listen To Our Podcast and 💎 respond to our audience poll

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